Search & Rescue / Dive Team

Itasca County SAR team is comprised of volunteer members from throughout Itasca County. The objective of the team is to train and be available for any search, rescue, or recovery that may be requested by the Itasca County Sheriff.

The SAR team has been active since 1959 fulfilling a variety of needs for the community. The team members provide a wealth of skills and experiences that are drawn upon to complete each mission. Some of these skills include:
  • Compass
  • Computer skills
  • GPS
  • Maps
  • Members are first responder certified
  • Man tracking
  • Radio communications
  • Search organization
  • Search patterns


Missions that the teams are called upon will include:

Evidence Search

The SAR Team also conducts searches for evidence that is involved with a crime.

Command Center Ops

The mobile command center is a 33 feet trailer that is designed to provide communications and support for any operations that the County Sheriff may need services at. SAR has the responsibility of providing the personnel, the maps, radio communications, and supplies that are needed. This unit will provide high tech communications and computer tracking for personnel at the scene of an incident. Incidents may include searches, drowning, large fires, natural disasters, and Emergency Response needs.

Team Makeup

The Search and Rescue Team is comprised of around 25 volunteer members. Our goal is to increase our team size to around 40 to 45 members.

If you are interested in joining the SAR Team or Dive Team please inquire for an application at the Sheriff's Office located in the Court House in Grand Rapids, MN. You must be 21 years old or older, be an Itasca County Resident, and have a Valid Minnesota Drivers License. We need people that can work hard and participate with a strong interest.