Failure to Appear Notice


Failure to pay by or appear on the court date indicated on your ticket will be considered a plea of guilty and waiver of trial for petty misdemeanor offenses, and may result in one or more of the following actions being taken against you:
  • Certification of charges to your driving record
  • Drivers License suspension
  • Issuance of a bench warrant for your arrest
  • Referral of your debt to a collection agency

Fines in Collections

If referred, the collections agency will assess additional fees. The collection agency is authorized to take the following actions to collect your debt:
  • File a judgment or lien which will affect your credit rating
  • Levy wages
  • Levy your bank account
  • Offset vendor payments owed to you by a state agency
  • Refer your debt
  • Revoke or deny personal or business license
  • Seize tax refunds
  • Seize your property
It is your responsibility to notify the court of a change of address.