How to Make a Referral


The first step to making a referral to the Children's Mental Health Division is to contact the Itasca County Intake Social Worker at 218-327-2941 or 800-422-0312.

Upon contact, the Intake Social Worker will:
  • Take initial intake information.
  • Provide information on agencies to obtain a diagnostic assessment.
  • Receive supporting documentation from the schools, hospital, mental health professionals, and other pertinent sources
You may also reach out to other professionals for help such as:
  • Classroom teacher
  • County Social Worker
  • Family physician
  • Local Mental Health Agency
  • Pediatrician
  • Public Health
  • Religious leader
  • School administrator
  • School Social Worker

Information Needed for Referrals

The following information will need to be provided to successfully complete a referral:
  • A Mental Health Professional must complete a Children's Mental Health Case Management Referral based on a diagnostic assessment from the last 6 months. (Updates maybe requested if more information is needed)
  • Fax a completed Children's Mental Health Intake Form (PDF) and current diagnostic assessment to the Itasca County Intake Social Worker at 218-327-5535
  • The diagnostic assessment must meet all guidelines to bill Minnesota Health Care programs so should include a functional assessment. It should also include a CASII, SDQ, CAGE-AID or GAIN-SS.
  • THE ONLINE FORM CAN BE USED TO MAKE A REFERRAL.  It is located in the column to the left.