Health & Wellness

  • Comprehensive, affordable healthcare including medical, dental and vision exams for employees and their eligible family members, and life insurance.  
  • EAP - Free and confidential consultation and counseling provides employee’s and their families the support needed to tackle life’s obstacles.
  • An engaging wellness program serves County employees and their families by promoting healthy activities and lifestyles with the belief that supporting the health and well-being of employees increases productivity, reduces long-term costs and enhances the quality of life.  
  • On-site fitness center located at the Courthouse.

    County-Sponsored Health Insurance

  • Healthy Start Prenatal Support—helping moms-to-be learn what they need to know to have the healthiest pregnancy and baby possible.
  • Stop Smoking support—helping you quit using tobacco your way and at your pace.
  • Care Management—voluntary and confidential support and education regarding your on-going condition (like diabetes or heart disease) or major health event or illness.
  • Fitness Center Discounts—monthly credit toward your fitness center dues by working out.
  • On-line Coaching—can help you focus your health improvement efforts on fitness, nutrition, weight loss, stress reduction and any of eight other key areas.

    Minnesota Benefit Association Membership

  • Financial & Legal (Purchase Power, Pre-paid Legal, Identity Theft Protection, Home Mortgage Savings, Auto Financing)
  • Retiree Benefits (Medicare, Long Term Care Solutions, Lifetime Income Solutions),
  • Youth Programs (Scholarship Program, Child Life Insurance, Overseas Travel Insurance),
  • Insurance Services (Home & Auto, Life, Health, Dental, Disability Income, Supplemental Health),
  • Lifestyle Programs (Technology Support, Online Data Backup, Entertainment Discounts, Roadside Assistance)