Financial Assistance


The Financial Assistance Division determines eligibility for public assistance programs. Public assistance programs include: cash programs, food support, child care, emergency services, waivered and long-term care services and health care. There are many programs that may help you or someone you know.

Determine Your Financial Case Worker

Financial cases are split by the enrollee's last name.

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Case Worker Name
Cases Responsible For
Family Cases
Mindi Genz A-Bro
Hope Demarais Bru-Di
Tanya Finken Dj-Fl
Holly Buescher Fo-I
Darlene Childs J-Ma
Emilie Rondeau Mc-Pe
Steph Mattson Pf-Sta
Becky Boelter Ste-Z
Brenda Harthan  
Tami Elich  

​Child Care Assistance
​Mindi Genz
​Hope Demarais

​Adult Case

​A - L
​M- Z
Jennifer Moen A - Cra
Tami Alm Cre - Hal
Joyce Benes Ham - La
Tracey Jensen Lb- O
Steph Longmore P- Sk
Lisa Jackman Sl- Z
Jennifer Blackwood  

​Long Term Care Services

Mary Berard A - L
Connie Cook M- Z
Trisha Erickson  

​Treatment Centers, Child Foster Care

Nikki Aronson A - K
Cathy Castle L - Z
Gwen Hill  
Tammy Keith  
Vicki Sutherland  
Mary Chambers  
Angela Yeschick  

Financial Assistance Documents