IMCare Division

IMCare is a Health Care Program Administered by Itasca County Health and Human Service (ICHHS) that provides health care coverage for people who are eligible for Minnesota Health Care Programs and live within the IMCare service area.


An organized and coordinated Minnesota Health Care Program Delivery System that addresses the goals of improving access to quality care, assuring appropriate utilization of services, enhancing patient and provider satisfaction, and achieving cost efficiencies in the delivery of health care.

We are your local County health plan!

Fraud Awareness

Please view the IMCare Fraud Awareness page for details regarding various forms of fraud.

Compliance Referral Form

Member Services:


Authorization Request Questions:

Pharmacy Questions (by member last name):
A-G:  218-327-5519
H-N:  218-327-6728
O-Z:  218-327-6754

Case Management Under age 65 Phone (by member last name):
A-G:  218-327-5519
H-N:  218-327-6728
O-Z:  218-327-6754

Senior Services/Care Coordination Over age 65 (by member last name):
A-L:  218-327-5516
M-Z:  218-327-6163

Disease Management:

Provider Claim Services (by member last name):
A-D:  218-327-6133
E-H:  218-327-5528
I-L:    218-327-6797
M-R:  218-327-5529
S-Z:   218-327-5527

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