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2024 -PMAP-Provider-and-Pharmacy-Directory-PDF

2023 MSHO Provider and Pharmacy Directory (PDF)

2024 MSHO Provider and Pharmacy Directory (PDF) 

Keep your health insurance! Click here for more information.

Your Health Insurance needs to be renewed periodically. You’ll soon get a packet in the mail from the Minnesota Department of Human Services about how to renew your health insurance. We want to help you avoid losing your health insurance and possible disruptions in seeing your doctor or filling a prescription. 

We’re here to help, contact us to:

  • Help you update your address
  • Help you get mailed a new packet
  • Answer questions about your coverage

Contact us at 218-327-6188, toll free 1-800-843-9536, TTY 1-800-627-3529 or 711 via email at or visit to learn more.


The IMCare mission is to ensure access to high-quality, patient-centered, cost-effective health care for Itasca County residents through coordination and  collaboration with local community partners and providers.

We are your local County health plan!

Fraud Awareness

Please view the IMCare Fraud Awareness page for details regarding various forms of fraud.


Itasca Medical Care believes it is the responsibility of everyone to report suspected fraud, waste, or abuse.

What is Fraud, Waste and Abuse?

  • Fraud is an act meant to gain something of value.
  • Waste is the overuse of services that result in higher costs to the health care program.
  • Abuse is the misuse of services. 

How to prevent Fraud, Waste and Abuse

Members can help IMCare uncover fraud, waste, and abuse by keeping track of the following things:

  • Who provided your health care
  • What services you received during the visit and any additional tests or visits the doctor orders
  • When you got a health care service
  • Where the services took place
  • Do not sign blank medical services documents

Call IMCare if you think the provider may have billed wrong or offered service you did not think you needed. Please remember, do not:

  • Give your ID card or numbers to anyone other than your doctor, clinic, hospital, or other health care provider
  • Ask your doctor or any other health care provider for medical services or supplies that you do not need
  • Sign your name to a blank form
  • Share your medical records with anyone other than your doctor, clinic, hospital, or other health care professional

Report Fraud, Waste and Abuse

You can report fraud, waste, and abuse to the IMCare Compliance Department by calling our confidential Fraud Hotline at (866) 269-0584 or sending an email to

Compliance Referral Form

Member Services:


Authorization Request Questions:

Pharmacy Questions (by member last name):
A-C:  218-327-5533
D-H: 218-327-6728
I-M:  218-327-5519
N-R:  218-327-5591
S-Z: 218-327-6754
Case Management Under age 65 Phone (by member last name): 
A-C:  218-327-5533
D-H:  218-327-6728
I-M:  218-327-5519
N-R:  218-327-5591
S-Z:  218-327-6754
Senior Services/Care Coordination Over age 65:
A-K: 218-327-5516
L-Z: 218-327-6163
Provider Claim Services:

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