Plat Books

The 2022 Plat Books are now available!

Plat books are $35 per copy.

To obtain a plat book in person, please visit the Administrative Services Department, located in Room 103 of the Itasca County Courthouse.  Cash or Check only payments accepted.

To obtain a plat book via mail, please send in a check for $44.90 ($35 for the plat book and $9.90 for shipping & handling) to:
                                          Itasca County Administrative Services
                                                        123 NE 4th Street
                                                  Grand Rapids, MN  55744
Please include the address for where you would like the plat book mailed to. Once we receive your check, we will mail out your plat book.

Additionally, plat books may be purchased at L&M Fleet Supply in Grand Rapids, MN.

Please contact the Administrative Services Department at (218) 327-7363 if you have any questions or concerns.

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