Septic Systems

Itasca County has adopted the most recent State requirements in our Sub-Surface Sewage Treatment System Ordinance.  This ordinance establishes standards for and regulation of individual sewage treatment systems (ISTS) and septage disposal including the proper location, design and construction; their necessary modification and reconstruction; their operation, maintenance and repair to protect surface water and groundwater from contamination by human sewage and waterborne household and commercial wastes; to protect the public's health and safety and eliminate or prevent the development of public nuisances pursuant to the authority granted under Minnesota Statute Chapters 115 and 145A and Minnesota Rules Chapter 7080, as amended, that may pertain to sewage and wastewater treatment.​​

​Permits are required for installation, construction, extension or any alteration to a SSTS system and must be obtained in the Environmental Services Office. 

​If you are looking for a compliance inspection, the Minnesota Pollution Control Agency (MPCA) keeps an active list of licenses businesses available at the following link:

​Minnesota Pollution Control Agency SSTS Search

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