Required Pre-service Licensing Trainings

As part of the initial licensing process there a number of trainings required prior to the issuance of the license.  These trainings are listed below:

Child and Restraint Systems - CARS:  Must be completed in person

Prior to transporting children under the age of nine (9) you must satisfactorily complete at least a 3 hour training on the proper use and installation of child restraint systems.  This training must be provided by instructors certified and approved by the Department of Public Safety - Office of Traffic Safety and be repeated every five (5) years.  Class does not need to be taken in the county in which you will be licensed.  Search for these trainings on the Develop website.  

Sudden Unexpected Infant Death/Abusive Head Trauma (SUID/AHT):  In person or online

The registration for this course can be found on the Develop website.  Content includes requirements to reduce sudden unexepected infant death (SUID formerly SIDS) including suffocation and other sleep related infant deaths; safe sleep environments as well as Minnesota Child Care regulations related to safe sleep.  It also includes symptoms and consequences of abusive head trauma (formerly known as shaken baby syndrome); risk factors for abusive head trauma and strategies to use when stressed, angry, or frustrated.  Classes are offered locally and statewide as well as online.  Registration and class available for in person training can be found on the Develop website.  If you want to complete the classes online you can register for anytime learning through the Eager to Learn website.  You will need a Develop password when signing up for online classes on   

Children's Mental Health Videos

These trainings define mental health and specifically address how it impacts children's development.  The video and power point have been approved and will meet the children's mental health requirement for pre-service and on-going child foster care training.

Children's Mental Health Video
Children's Mental Health Information Packet (Power Point)
Mental Health Video Training Verification

Mandated Reporter Training - Free, self-guided course

This training will review the requirements for mandated reporting.  Each caregiver will need to complete this.

Lind to DHS mandated reporter training

Normalcy, Reasonable and Prudent Parent Standards

Link to the video