House Watch

The Itasca County Sheriff’s Office provides the following house watch service to the residents of Itasca County.  If you would like to apply for a house watch, please fill out the House Watch Application and return it to the Itasca County Sheriff's Office.  

The following rules will apply; failure to comply will result in dismissal of your house watch:

  1. The house watch program is available to residents that reside year-round in Itasca County.  Any person that has seasonal property or goes out of state for the winter is not eligible for a watch.
  2. The house watch programs is available if your vacation is longer than 5 days and not longer than 30 days.  Any person gone for less than 5 days should have a neighbor/friend watch the residence.  Any person gone for more than 30 days should consider having an alarm installed along with a neighbor/friend watching the residence.
  3. All house watches will be performed when officers have available time.  
  4. Any residence that has an alarm will not be eligible.
  5. The house watch program requires that access to your property be kept clear and maintained year-round.
  6. The house watch programs is designed to check for vandalism, property damage, and break-ins.
  7. In the event that there would be a problem with your residence, we require that a key holder be named to take care of the problem.

Available Documents