Huber Agreement

It is the policy of the Itasca County Jail/Annex to allow Inmates who are gainfully employed the opportunity to continue employment in the community. Approval for Huber status begins with the Court, and the Court commitment shall notify the Jail/Annex that he/she may be granted Huber status providing the Inmate qualifies pursuant to the rules and regulations of the Jail/Annex.

All Inmates of the Itasca County Jail/Annex must meet the following criteria before Huber status is granted. 

  1. Inmates must be employed or looking for employment at the time of arrest. If currently employed, you must provide the Jail/Annex with your weekly or by-weekly pay stubs. All Huber inmates must have Workman's Comp. Insurance on file with the Jail Annex before Huber is allowed.
  2. Inmates Self- Employed or Employer will provide the Jail with Federal /State Tax ID Numbers, current Workman's Compensation, Liability Proof of earned income and most recent proof of earned income prior to incarceration. Jail Staff may periodically review your earned income while incarcerated.
  3. Employment MUST be within a 60-mile radius of the Itasca County Jail/Annex. If the inmate has employment beyond 60 miles, He/She may have to serve their sentence in the county closest to their employment at their own expense. The inmate must make arrangements with that county and notify the Itasca County Jail Administrator where the sentence is to be served.
  4. Inmates working 12-hour rotating shift work will be allowed travel time to and from work to accommodate their normal 12-hour shift, all others on Huber will not exceed 12-hours of employment including travel time per day. Inmates other than shift workers will NOT be released for work on any Holiday. No inmate shall work more than 6 days in a row for any reason. All Huber releases will work the same or similar hours as their prior paystubs reflect. Paystubs brought in bi-weekly to verify hours worked. 
  5. Offenders with outstanding warrants will not be considered for the Huber Program.
  6. Huber applicants must test negative on a urinalysis test prior to being approved for Huber. If the inmate fails then he/she must wait 5 days before retesting. Inmates are subject to random UA testing during incarceration in the Itasca County Jail at the request of Jail Staff.
  7. Inmates who are driving to and from the workplace must provide a valid driver's license and motor vehicle insurance to the Itasca County Jail/Annex or provide a valid and insured driver who will be transporting you to the jobsite.
  8. Inmates will provide the Itasca County Jail/ Annex a current schedule of employment dates, hours, and locations of job sites. Inmates who are not employed at one specific job site MUST advise the Jail/Annex staff of any change in location daily, Inmates who leave a job sight for any reason without prior approval will notify the Itasca County Jail/Annex immediately before doing so. NO INMATE WILL BE ALLOWED TO GO THEIR RESIDENCE OR ANY OTHER RESIDENCE FOR ANY REASON.  Inmates who have been approved for Huber will not make any outside appointments unless court ordered or approved by the Itasca County Jail.
  9. Inmates approved for Huber will sit their scheduled days off. Inmates who are scheduled for overtime must first have it pre -approved by the Itasca County Jail.
  10. Huber rates are $23.00 per day, and $161.00 per week of incarceration. Huber inmates are required to pay for Huber weekly or bi-weekly. No inmates shall have a balance due over $322.00 or Huber will be suspended until the amount has been paid. All payments will be made in the form of cash, check or money order. The inmate will receive a numbered receipt by the Itasca County staff. All Huber monies owed must be paid prior to release.
  11. Inmates incurring actual or potentially disabling injuries in the course of work will file the injury under the employers Workman's Compensation policy. An inmate suffering any injury or accident while at work will report the incident immediately to the Itasca County Jail/Annex staff. Medical treatment with such an injury will be at the expense of the Employer. A medical clearance will be made and documented prior to the inmates return to work.
  12. Inmates who are on prescribed medications shall be responsible for payments for and /or refills of prescriptions of their medications while in custody of the Itasca County Jail. 
  13. No Huber inmate will be allowed to consume alcoholic beverages or use any drugs unless prescribed by a doctor. Any use of substances will result in the immediate loss of Huber. Any violation of Minnesota Statutes or ordinance violation will also result in the loss of Huber privileges, loss of good time, and may face further charges.
  14. Any inmate who was granted and approved Huber by the Itasca County Jail will abide by the rules set forth.
  15. Itasca County Jail has the authority to expand or restrict an inmate work hours within legal parameters. Each Huber case will be reviewed case by case. If the Huber applicant is not satisfied with the hours set forth by the Itasca County Jail, you have the right to appeal your Huber application before the Jail Captain or the Jail Lt. At that time, you will be informed as to the next step in the process to be appealed if so desired.
  16. The Itasca County Jail requires an inmate to wear a GPS bracelet at the inmate’s own expense to qualify for Huber.
  17. All Huber inmates will be charged a $20.00 booking fee and a one- time $5.00 laundry fee for the length of your sentence.
  18. Any Huber inmate will be responsible for any and all payments incurred by the Huber inmate during their sentence. This includes All Medical and Dental care. Itasca County is not responsible for any costs for Huber medical or dental issues.
  19.  You will not be allowed to work extra time/overtime or change shifts without at least a 24-hour prior notice and approval by Jail Staff. 

Huber Application