Outdoor Use Policies

Violation:  If a deer stand violates the Deer Stand Policy a notice will be posted at the stand site with one or more of the following items checked and the owner of such stand must remove/remedy the situation to come into compliance.  Contact the Land Department if you have any questions.

 All hunting structures with walls and/or a roof are prohibited except as described below.

• Hunting stands with walls and/or roof are allowed September 1st through December 31st of each year, but they must be removed or, at a minimum, have the walls and roof removed from county managed lands from January 1st to August 31st of each year to avoid stand disposal and penalty.

 Any method for permanently affixing a hunting stand onto a foundation, tree, in the ground or similar (e.g. posts or anchors) is prohibited.

 Use of nails, screws, bolts or similar on trees or causing similar damage to trees is prohibited and subject to penalty.

 Cutting of trees for shooting lanes, trails or for any other use without authorization is prohibited and subject to penalty.

 Clearing, tilling/disking, planting, and/or mowing of lands for any use without authorization is prohibited and subject to penalty.

 It is unlawful to leave garbage, litter, debris, etc. on public lands and is subject to penalty.

 Hunting stands and structures left unattended on county managed lands are available to the public and are not the property of the person who constructed them, they must remain open to public use and cannot be locked.