Housing Support Program

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Housing Support (formerly known as Group Residential Housing) is a state-funded program that provides an income supplement each month for seniors and adults with disabilities who have low income.  It is used to pay for rent, utilities and household furnishings for eligible individuals and families. The Itasca County service area has access to state-funded Housing Support which include a supplemental service rate.  A supplemental service rate may cover the following:  transportation; help to navigate services for their physical health, mental health, or chemical health; and other case management type supports. 

The Request for Information will focus on identifying potential providers for the following four types of Housing Support: 1.) Group Setting Board and Lodge, 2.) Community Scattered Site Supportive Housing for Long Term Homeless Singles, 3.) Community Scattered Site Supportive Housing for Long Term Homeless Families, and 4.) Community Scattered Site Supportive Housing for individuals receiving waiver-funded services.

The Minnesota Department of Human Services (DHS) and Itasca County Health and Human Services have requirements that housing providers must follow in order to become and eligible provider.  

DHS also determines a person's eligibility to receive Housing Supports.

If your organization is interested in applying, please reference the Request for Information (RFI) and fill out the application located in the online forms (printable or available as a online eform). Questions can be sent to the Itasca County Housing Program Team at Housing.Support@co.itasca.mn.us

Housing Support Contact:  Jason Johnson, Financial Assistance Supervisor

- Itasca County Health and Human Services Housing Support Program Provider Application - Online Eform or Printable


You must meet a combination of eligibility requirements set by the Supplemental Security Income program or General Assistance program to qualify for assistance. There are also income and asset limits. Generally, the program serves:

  • People 65 or older
  • People younger than 65 who have a condition that limits their self-sufficiency. For example, it may be a physical or mental health disability, visual impairment or chemical dependency.

For more details, contact Itasca County Housing Support Program.

  • Benefits

    Your housing provider will receive payments to pay for your rent, utilities, food, household supplies and other necessities.

    Effective July 1, 2023, the current maximum Housing Support housing payment is $1135 per month. The amount for individual participants may vary.

    Depending on your income, you may have to pay a portion of the Housing Support housing rate directly to your housing provider.

    The program can pay for additional supportive services in some settings if you do not qualify for home and community-based waiver programs.

  • Itasca County Housing Support Resource Specialist Flyer